Our Services

Our campany provide IKO.GAF. LANDMARK.CRC.etc..We also have 10 years labour warranty.

flat roofing

We are professional roofers with the training and experience to ensure your low pitch, flat roofing project
is done right and on-time.

soffit and fascia

Whether it’s a custom built house or a dilapidated 100 year house, our reliable installers will repair or install new soffit/fascia
to improve your house. And, simply a repair will do if the soffit/fascia is damaged from raccoon or a gust of wind. All works are guaranteed.Siding
Whether you like to enhance the look of your house or repair a damage to your existing siding, we carry different selections from well known suppliers such as Gentek or Kaycan products. All works are guaranteed and come with a warranty on labour and materials.
All eavestrough comes in many different colour that you can choose to match your existing house. We carry 5″ or 6″ eavestrough made of aluminum that doesn’t rust and we make the product right in front of your house. If you live in an area with lots of foliage, than you might considered installing the (Alurex product) leaf guards to protect leafs from clogging your eavestrough. Please ask us about schedule maintenance for properly maintaining your eavestrough.Skylight
From skylight installation to repair or replacement, we can take care of any skylight serviceroofing leak
For Emergency leaking call 24/7.Roof Insulation
Roof insulation plays an important role in reducing the amount of energy you consume for heating and cooling, and in turn reduces your energy bills. Insulation is measured by an R-value – the higher the R-value, the greater the insulating capacity of the material. Colder climates require higher R-value insulation to ensure that less heat is lost through the roof of your home. In addition, insulation will also help keep the cool air inside during the warm weather. Roof insulation can typically be added relatively easily when you are building a new home or replacing the roof on your existing home.

  • Shingle
  • Ice and water shield membrane
  • Synthetic underlayment
  • Ice and water shield membrane and 24″ metal in valleys
  • Shingle roof vents
  • Caulking and sealants
  • Chimney flashing
  • Drip edge metal